Switching from PC to Mac


But if your like the rest of us, you’d like to make the “learning curve” as straight as possible, right? No problem, watch these videos and check out the websites below to get a start on your new macbook.

Also don’t forget AppleCare is there for you too.


You’ve seen the light...Well, you got a Mac

Get a basic feel for the OS X software with this video.

  1.     The Dock

  2.     Menu Bar

  3.     Finder

  4.     and more...

Mac OS X (Ten) Basics

Get a deeper feel for the OS X software with this video.

Covers some of the more popular applications in the OS X.

* Sorry, but the “Mail” app is not recommended for our email solution. The use of Outlook Web Access (OWA, Outlook.com) is best.

Mac OS X (Ten) Basics 2

Learn some tips on sharing your files.

Covers a basic use of teacher net homes and student net homes (shared folders).

* Sorry, but the “Wiki” feature is still to come.

Mac OS X (Ten) Basics 3