AppleCare for your Mac

Working on a
project at home on the weekend and can’t figure out “How to...” do something to complete the assignment? Call AppleCare. AppleCare is your anytime, anywhere technical support.

The great thing about AppleCare is not only can they help you with hardware problems but they can also help you with software problems like “how to burn a DVD in iMovie” or “making a chart in Numbers”.

Of course we want you to contact us first to help, but if you are away from school and need help, call AppleCare - even on the weekends.

Here are four methods of contact to get help with your Macbook.

  1. BulletContact the “HelpDesk” at your school, or email, or call             HELP (4357) on your school phone.

  2. BulletContact “AppleCare” at 1-800-APL-CARE (275-2273)

  1. BulletContact “KETS AppleCare” at 1-800-519-3650
         AppleCare Hours:  Mon-Friday, 7am-8pm Central
                                        Sat-Sunday, 8am-8pm Central

  1. BulletGo to